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Craww “Ebb and Flow”- Nero Gallery (Italy)

28. April 2017 | Comment

EBB AND FLOW – Craww solo show
From 6th may to 3th june 2017 · Opening party saturday 6th may at 8 p.m.

Nero Gallery is pleased to present “Ebb and Flow”, the first personal exhibition in Italy by the english artist Craww.

“Ebb and Flow” is a collection of paintings and drawings that focuses on the fascination with the ambiguities of nature and humanity. The artist investigates and recreates the woman’s view, representing her as a fairy creature, a Muse, sublimating and elevating her to a non-human dimension, but close to the divine.

Nero Gallery · Via Castruccio Castracane, 9 · 00176 Roma – Pigneto · +390627801418

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