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Paul Gerrard – Company of Shadows (book)Paul Gerrard – Company of Shadows (book)

20. August 2014 | Comment

We are proud to announce that the Company of Shadows have reached the 10000 $ fundraising goal!!!!! So, watch out art lovers of the absurd: The debut art book of Paul Gerrard is ready to hit this damn planet. And if you take a look at the preview shoots above, you will believe me, it will be a hard hit: 135 gloomy pages of glorious dark art. Lots of hellish charater designs (Paul works in the movie/game industrie e.g. HELLRAISER), tons of twisted collages and apocalyptical scenarios. What I like the most, are the handwritten linernotes right next to the art. This give the whole book a nice touch of a dairy of a madman, stuff like that. Check out his website and preorder your issue of this monster of an artbook. NOW!

If you can imagine taking the nightmares of Giger and theĀ  dystopian scope of Beksinski one step further, then you canĀ  imagine the work of Paul Gerrard Jonathan Liebesman: Film Director

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