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Nihil – “Inamorata” (Art book)

Nihil (Feat. In Slaughter Natives) – Ventre
Hardcover, 17x25cm/7×10“, Book 115 pages, CD 39:18 min, 40,00 Euro

Nihil’s work has been accompanying me for several years now through the hidden valleys of a remote art taste. The French photographer and picture manipulator has always been a welcome guest in our mental asylum for a reason (for example in INSIDE artzine #17) – his works conceal something that only comes to light under the most extensive physical effort in a genre, characterized by darkness and despair: elegance! Sublime poses burst upon grotesque wrenches here, graceful silence upon seething menaces. And the pictures always seem to lack something. The iris in the eye. The expression of the face. The hairs on the heads. White surfaces where secondary habits expect primary sexual characteristics. This lack of physical identity puts his figures into the fleshless light of saints and martyrs. Because they suffer. This is the last remaining expression which cannot be taken away from them. Heavily depressing and wonderful at the same time.The dark, brooding soundscapes of the industrial band IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES of the enclosed audio CD are integrated perfectly between the full-screen refined pages. A perfectly successful cooperation of two masters of dark art. And finally, to draw a line between the two unholy covers of this publication, Nihil provides us with reflective, dark stories for our restless sleep, all of which confidently float between dark dignity and menacing doom. An amazing artistic synthesis!!

In Slaughter Natives – “113TH SCAR”


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“The God Beneath the Scars” – Matt Lombard

Matt Lombard – The God Beneath the Scars
hardcover/softcover, 8×10 in, 21×26 cm, 80 Pages, english

“The God Beneath the Scars” is a collection of surreal macabre images from artist Matt Lombard. Intro by artist Nihil. The Other Heaven essay by Kevin Pinkerton. This book is focused on work created over the past 10 years including images from his dementia series. Over the past 20 years, Matt Lombard’s work has been featured on album covers, books, and shown in galleries worldwide.

Purchase: Blurb
Contact: Matt

Matt Lombardd appears in INSIDE artzine #17 (with other stuff). Buy online

Michael Manning – “Inamorata” (Art book)

Michael Manning – Inamorata
Softcover, ca. 30x23cm/12x 9inch, 24,95 Euro

Yeah. Time journey. Back. Downwards. Into the dark times when INSIDE artzine was spreading its pernicious message with the carcinogenic toner out from the copier into the world. When hunger- and / or drug-contaminated baby hands (mine ones) in the sweat of their brow were thrashing the staples into the flesh of the innocent artzine. Anyone remembering the cover of INSIDE artzine #4? (See Thierry Gayrard! Magical black-and-white power, full to the brim with cocks, boobs, dark sex, lacquered lunacy. This was 21 years ago. Thierry has unfortunately submerged in the
bottomless nothing of time, but his legacy is still there. In this soft cover stunner, for example. Trenchant, black-and-white SM art, full to the brim with – right – cocks, boobs, lacquered lunacy.
Plus domina-trixes, dancers, fetish models, contortionists, ponygirls, slaves, whips.
Mostly all together. And with one another. And everything drawn in black and white grandeur, without any grey shades, and arranged in an elegant symmetrical style. And, as is right and proper for a stringent exceptional artist, one talent is not enough. In addition to the black pencil having roved about in many books, there is both the sewing needle and the tattoo needle to be covered with glory. The tailormade costumes the models wear are anabsolutely crazy realization of his drawings, and pierced into innocent skin, the drawings look even more fascinating. Just have a look at it! And if anyone knows the name of the planet where Thierry Gayrard has escaped to, please send an email to the INSIDE artzine



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Louis Fleischauer – “Flesh Art” (Art book)

Louis Fleischauer – Flesh Art
Hardcover, 17x24cm, ca.120 p., 28 Euro + 4€(ger)/11€(eu)/19€(world)
Purchase: Paypal: (+ your address)

Holy fucking shit. This is going to be extreme. Extreme beauty meets extreme pain meets extreme ecstasy. I freely admit that some of these works lie beyond my physical resilience, but whoever reads a magazine like this (i.e. YOU) generally likes to open up to the upwardly cracked Richter scale of limit experiences. So feel free to dive into this great high-gloss book full of photographs, announcements, and insanity. Louis’ works can be roughly divided into three levels of consciousness: 1. The surface. The fashion he puts on mostly female surfaces blows the convenience of the mere morality-prescribed cladding and creates new definitions. Apart from starkly awesome corsages or intimidating, erotic neck-face masks, there may appear, for example, completely freaked-out Cthulhu wings on the deities’ backs.
Level 2: Beneath the surface. The performance “Physical Pain” by Louis and his gang is a passion
being way beyond the simple piercing of the skin with hooks and needles. It is a state of liberation from one’s own limits. The shift of borders is a challenge which crackles in each of the pictures of the various shows through the eyes of the shamans who hang in their skins.
Level 3: Outerspace. This is not – only – about beautiful pictures (of which there are a lot of in this book, though) or red blood. It’s about the dimension opening up behind. About the magic space of doing what satisfies, enhances, and frees your innermost inside. Read his manifest at the beginning of the book, his announcements between the pictures, and the interview outtakes at the end and you will find out quickly how befuddling and deep his fascinating art cosmos is. Survive this book or don’t. But have a look at it. jz



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Ben Newman: “Jenny Bones: Legend of the Peril Squad” (Book)

Cheeky ladies, confused robots and other perverse nonsense!

It’s been a long time coming, but your opportunity to get your grubby little mitts on a copy of my first ever full-colour, gorgeous quality, R rated book Jenny Bones: Legend of the Peril Squad is finally here!
If you love action, adventure, sex, romance, battles, quests, prophecies, robots, VHS, monsters and a whole host of other amazing things, then don’t wait, head over to Clandestine Republic and pre-order a copy RIGHT NOW!

Jenny Bones: Legend of the Peril Squad – Adventure Pack includes:
-One copy of the amazing new book – Fancy wrapped like we know how to.
-One fold-out poster.
-One official Peril Squad certificate – Hand numbered and stamped with the official Peril Squad stamp of approval.
-Free international shipping.
And will be available for $50 USD

The book’s official release date is set for the 10th of October. All pre-ordered copies start shipping on the 11th. Regular copies of the book will be available for purchase online on the 11th of October with a cover price of $38 USD + shipping ($10 – $14 USD).


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Paul Gerrard – Company of Shadows (book)Paul Gerrard – Company of Shadows (book)

We are proud to announce that the Company of Shadows have reached the 10000 $ fundraising goal!!!!! So, watch out art lovers of the absurd: The debut art book of Paul Gerrard is ready to hit this damn planet. And if you take a look at the preview shoots above, you will believe me, it will be a hard hit: 135 gloomy pages of glorious dark art. Lots of hellish charater designs (Paul works in the movie/game industrie e.g. HELLRAISER), tons of twisted collages and apocalyptical scenarios. What I like the most, are the handwritten linernotes right next to the art. This give the whole book a nice touch of a dairy of a madman, stuff like that. Check out his website and preorder your issue of this monster of an artbook. NOW!

If you can imagine taking the nightmares of Giger and the  dystopian scope of Beksinski one step further, then you can  imagine the work of Paul Gerrard Jonathan Liebesman: Film Director

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Doux (Magazine)

Online art magazine from Argentina. Contains some unholy companions of the INSIDE artzine like (Jason Felix, Juha Arvid Helminen, Oliver Wetter, +++) so you can imagine what happens on this dark digital pages: Gloomy collages, strange photography, weird paintings. Brilliant stuff!!! Below you can read three complete issues, not just the current stuff, but my favorites. Check out their websites for more. Recommended for art lovers of surreal, dark stuff.

Onlinemagazine, 270pages, spanish
All available issues:

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“Alice” / “Black and white” – Trevor Brown (Books)

Trevor Brown, the champ – and only representative – of the “sick little girls” art (a genre invented by him) lashes his delirious ravings through the naturally not exactly single-coloured world of the classic “Alice in Wonderland.” As was expected, we are led through a brightly coloured, sugar-sweet dream world that is at the same time surprising and shocking – surprising because he injects a very special style into the subject that was interpreted admittedly quite often already. The specious beauty of Trevor’s fantastic art, behind which nothing else is lurking but fatal disease, fits the atmosphere of this story quite perfect. And it is shocking because this book once again clearly points out what the “Alice” story really is about… right! Completely new, though, is the Old School b&w hammer “Black & White.” Because of the cryptic age of most of his works, his style here is considerably more extreme than today, both with regard to drawing style and to motives. Some explicit things, some collagesque things, everything very “rare,” and what is most “rare” (according to the press information) is the photo of the champ on the cover! Doesn’t anybody know how the dude looks like? Well I saw him even yesterday at the ALDI cash point in Tokyo, buying beer. German beer he drinks. Up to everything, that dude!

Trevor Brown
Alice: Hardcover, 80 pages, 19 x 28 cm, color, english, 38,00 Euro
Black & White: Hardcover · 112 pages · 16x24cm · b/w, english, 25,00 Euro


Tome Volume 1 – Vampirism (Book)

Hardcover, 12×18″ / ca. 30x45cm, 200 pages, english
Interview with the publishers on

Vampires do exist. In abundance, in fact. Everything, from the wet baby plastic teenager dream via the soulless cash stripper through to the final zombie nuisance, has already lowered its contaminated, hollow teeth into my white and naturally innocent throat. But this time, it was all different. Read more →

“Heroin Kids” – Christian Kaiser und Corinna Engel (Book)

Hardcover, 216 Pages, 28x28cm, DVD approx, 49 minutes, 40 Euro
Purchase: Amazon
Publisher: Index Verlag
Interview mit den beiden Autoren (von Dominik Irtenkauf) auf

Die “Kommission für Jugendmedienschutz” sieht durch diesen Bildband die Menschenwürde verletzt, die “Bayrische Landeszentrale für Neue Medien” spricht von “sozial-ethisch desorientierenden und entwicklungsbeeinträchtigenden” Inhalten, der Focus hält es sogar für “verbotene Kunst”. Große Worte von großen Experten. Für abseitige Kunst. Wenn die nicht wissen, was aufrüttelt, wer dann?! Okay, es hilft ja nichts, kein Experte ist so treffsicher wie der eigene (Kunst)Geschmack, dank an Dominik Irtenkauf (der auch das anschließende nicht minder kontroverse Interview geführt hat) für das Belegexemplar und um es kurz zu machen: Ja, das Buch ist randvoll mit nackten (offensichtlich minderjährigen) Mädchen, Spritzen, Drogen, Kotze, Scheisse an der Wand, Elend und Absturz. Dazu gelegentlich seltsam entrückte Texte, die den Leser wohl auf den verzweifelten, sinnfreien Trip der Mädels mitnehmen soll. Und das Alles (um die objektive Beschreibung rund zu machen) ist in professionelle Photoarbeit und großformatigen Hochglanzhardcoverdeckeln gegossen. Read more →

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