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Mike Diana – Amerika (Book)

Mike Diana – AMERICA
MASSIVE Limited edition double book box set of cartoons, drawings and paintings by convicted comic artist Mike Diana, put together by Divus -London out of Prague, Czech Republic

Two volumes in original cardboard box
Volume 1, LIVE, 400 pages
(113 comix, many multi-pages!! insane!!)
Volume 2, DIE, 128 pages
(hi-res color paintings, drawings, cd covers, rarities!)
All together 528 pages of cartoons, drawings and paintings on fine paper
17 x 25 x 8 cm (6.5 x 9.25 x 3 inches approx), 100 U$ (plus handling/shipping)

Purchase/Contact: Mike Diana

Underground comic artist Mike Diana was the first ever artist to receive a criminal conviction for obscenity for his artwork in the United States of America. Now, DIVUS London brings America- over 500 pages of rare, limited and out of print cartoons, drawings and paintings together for the first time. Read more →

Kris Kuksi – Divination And Delusion (Book)

Yeah, everybody knows them, everybody loves them: the sculptures, skidded into an ulterior dimension, of the American artist Kris Kuksi, a nightmarish stickler for details. They are as beautiful in their noble dignity as they are threatening in their manic accuracy. From the beginning you let yourself in for the tempting variety of details you’re lost. This book sucks you into the decaying cosmos of ultimate overstimulation. The naïve attempt to find a meaning in all the guises, stories, and shapes that are floating past is punished with brain haemorrhages of at least 2 days. Topped off with the brilliant “churchtanks” and some drawings / paintings of the master, this is a visually stunning trip with no return.

Hard cover, 140 pages, 12 x 8.5 inches, English, USD 39,00

Purchased on:
Publisher: Beinart Publishing

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Spartan Dog (Web magazine)

Well, you all know my opinion on web magazines… right: cool! But they must be made like this helluva pixel whip. Topics like “Funeral,” “Twilight,” “Women,” or “Darkness Redux” have produced 15 issues so far that are filled with optical art frenzy at the very highest stage! Names like Matt Lombard, Seth Siro Anton, Alessandro Bavari, Paul Booth, and Chris Mars are to be explained only to compulsively ignorant coma returnees, aren’t they? What drifts past your monitor-infested eyes here in the way of photos, manipulations (whatsoever), and paintings could actually only be topped by an A2 sized, high glossy, art book. So squeeze the screen close to your pupils, ignore the impotence-enhancing TFT emission, and have a nice evening.

Web magazine, English, free (seems to be on hiatus for a while, but just explore the gloomy archives)

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“Awful/Resilient” – Alex Padee

I think first time I met this bloke was in my dreams. One of these dreams that attack you when you haven’t slept for 3 nights. Or when you have done nothing else than eating for 3 weeks. 3 days of insanity in your brain, and nervous electrical pulses in your arse. Or vice versa. At least that kind of dream that ruins the whole night with an unsettling stream of pictures, sounds, and punches so that on the next morning you wake up with a quivering, sweat-soaked start and a hole in your memory, and you learn to fear your own imagination.
To put it for our dear babies: Here it’s all go! Here they scratch with such a passion that the paper wets! Here the very crazy craze comes creep-ing into Padee’s drawings to peak on every page! Pages and pages of auto-bearing composite creatures, deformed bodies with laughing comic strip heads, baby monsters, LSD squirrels, rainbow-vomiting fireflies. Everywhere. The cover is an example for what is in store for you in this book. When the channels of lunacy are irrevocably opened, everything is pouring out: the shaking forms, the exsanguinated colours, the whole life of Alex Padee. Give him some more years on your home shelf and buy this book.

Hardcover · 172 pages · 28,5 x 22,3 cm, english ···· 29,95 USD

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“Human Nature” – Daikichi Amano (Book)

Yeah, do you dig the very best of the radical shit? The crap that every average bonehead would refer to as completely fucked perverted abnormal (justifiably, though, but who cares)? Or do you suffer from a long-suppressed necrophiliac fishkeeping desire, mixed with the want for Cthulhu’s renewed reign?!

Here are the whole nine yards for you then. What the Japanes photographer has committed to (photo) paper here dodges even my usually incorruptible ability of articulation. Octopuses, beetles, fish, cockroaches on (and quite compulsorily also in) female bodies, well I admit, this is a rather unholy, almost sexist combination. But even the most devoted protectionist of women’s and animals’ rights will have to confess that the pictures provoke some forbidden reactions, both on the retina and in the – hopefully attached – brain. An unsettling mixture of disgust and fascination, together with a sheer inconceivability of what happens here make this book a border crosser between pure insanity and pure insanity. I think the models did it voluntarily which is supposedly more than you can say for the faunal actors. But getting upset because of this is, I think, hypocrisy considering the millionfold woe in the cages of our consumer meat. Art sometimes really hurts.

Hardcover · 132 pages · 23 x 30,5 cm english and french ···· 39,95 Euro

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nSPHERE (magazine)

“A monthly magazine featuring visual arts in various forms, from the old to the new, from the camera to the needle point. Gradually expanding to form its own galaxy, the n-sphere includes an interconnected section with the music world”.
This is not the current issue, but with our beloved artscum companions Seth Siro Anton & Marcian Owczarek. Check out their website for more (online) issues, a huge gallery section and tons more of highly recommended gloomy art stuff. Or in their own words: “A world behind curtains”.

Purchase the printed edition: lulu 

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Otaku Magazine “Sapporo Edition” (Magazine)Otaku Magazine “Sapporo Edition” (Magazine)

Language: English, Copies: 1000 copies worldwide, Number of pages: 72 (100% no ads), 
Size: 164x235mm (close to B5 format), Bonus: poster & sickers 
Price: €7.00 (shipping not included)

Otaku Magazine “Sapporo Edition”

Our main health-inducing ingredients range from Elegant Gothic Lolita fashions to Ukiyo-e style rendition of gaming heroes and toy character anatomy classes with “Moist”. We also have some superhero crossover fusion artwork, combining the best of both worlds. In partnership with Tokyo Design Festa we will walk you through multiple booths and event hideaways. From interviews with artists-in-residence at S-AIR, to reviewing the pre-Sapporo Biennale, we have got recommendations about music, toyz and a fresh bundle of indie games. We’ve got superhero explosive splatter art by “Bombattack” and a tribute article dedicated to Satoshi Kon. Also don’t forget the exclusive interview with Crypton Future Media, the creatures of Hatsune Miku and our Sapporo special with young artists from the region.

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“Black Magick – The art of Chet Zar” (Book)“Black Magick – The art of Chet Zar” (Book)

Hardcover, Color, 176 pages, 11 x 9.25 inches ···· 45,00 USD
Purchase: BeinArt Publishing

Black Magick – The Art of Chet Zar” presents, for the very first time, a chronicle of Chet Zar’s eclectic career. From his beginnings in the Hollywood special-effects industry to his establishment as a widely respected fine artist, Chet’s unique world of monsters has fascinated and influenced those in fields as varied as tattooing, music and art academia. Now, through this publication, Chet gives us unprecedented access to his story. In addition to Chet’s own reminiscences, this book offers contributions from creative forces who run the retrospective gamut of Chet’s career, including Paul Booth (renowned tattooist), Jovanka Vuckovic (award winning author, filmmaker and former editor of Rue Morgue magazine) and Guillermo del Toro (film director).

Featuring over 150 full-color images of his paintings, sculptures and sketches, plus behind-the-scenes images from his time in the special-effects industry, Black Magick-The Art of Chet Zar is a must-have for anyone who has ever been curious about monsters… or the man behind them.

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Michael Hussar – White: A Decade (Book)Michael Hussar – White: A Decade (Book)

The cover is quite deceiving in its white innocence. But I won’t be deceived! Those who expect redemption from their sins behind the hardcover prayer book board will be both disappointed and thrown back in years. What Michael Hussar, the manifested authority in the section of decadent, sick oil paintings, forces down on the high glossy pages is able to change your life. Irretrievably. It’s impossible to escape from the heavy, sad melancholy of his paintings. This delicate aesthetic, soaked in pale craze and overblown otherness, crowned with carelessly blurred lip blood. Colours that seem to be moulded of boiled, rancid honey, motives that seem to be borrowed from a blasphemous bacchanal frenzy of late Roman psychos. Hussar’s works are wonderfully dark, they are technically close to extraterrestrial perfection, they could – and should – be in every square museum that was wrapped by star architects unless… unless there is this subtle, culture-destroying message in his pictures… “Beauty is nothing else but sick decadence.” Or am I the only person hearing this?! Well, who cares. But listen to Hussar, he tells you the right things.

Hardcover · 250 pages · 29 x 20 cm, english ···· 50,00 USD


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