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“Gerrardian 1: Monochromatic beginnings” – Paul Gerrard (Book preview)

13. September 2017 | Comment











Hellboy (2018), Battle La, Shannara artist Paul Gerrards first ‘ART OF’ book.

Gerrardian. A term first coined by the Director Jonathan Liebesman to explain the process of Gerrard’s work.  The Gerrardian take on a subject matter, to take a design to its darkest point.

My name is Paul Gerrard, I am the artist behind such Demons and Antagonists as Dadga Mor and The Mord Wraith from The Shannara Chronicles, Shredder from TMNT , the alien species from Battle La. These designs when first created are about mood, tone, they are crafted to evoke a deep emotional response. I take the stance that it is my responsibility to visualize the extreme versions of any said creation, the wild cards of imaginative design. Do that first and rest falls into place. 

I hope this book will give you an insight into those wild cards, and that these creations will take you on a journey. Welcome to the beginnings.



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