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“Human Nature” – Daikichi Amano (Book)

28. February 2013 | Comment

Yeah, do you dig the very best of the radical shit? The crap that every average bonehead would refer to as completely fucked perverted abnormal (justifiably, though, but who cares)? Or do you suffer from a long-suppressed necrophiliac fishkeeping desire, mixed with the want for Cthulhu’s renewed reign?!

Here are the whole nine yards for you then. What the Japanes photographer has committed to (photo) paper here dodges even my usually incorruptible ability of articulation. Octopuses, beetles, fish, cockroaches on (and quite compulsorily also in) female bodies, well I admit, this is a rather unholy, almost sexist combination. But even the most devoted protectionist of women’s and animals’ rights will have to confess that the pictures provoke some forbidden reactions, both on the retina and in the – hopefully attached – brain. An unsettling mixture of disgust and fascination, together with a sheer inconceivability of what happens here make this book a border crosser between pure insanity and pure insanity. I think the models did it voluntarily which is supposedly more than you can say for the faunal actors. But getting upset because of this is, I think, hypocrisy considering the millionfold woe in the cages of our consumer meat. Art sometimes really hurts.

Hardcover · 132 pages · 23 x 30,5 cm english and french ···· 39,95 Euro

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