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INSIDE artzine #10 1/2 Special Issue TERROR

22. July 2010 | Comment

Papermagazine A4, 40 p., full color, german ©2005
• Theme issue about TERROR: Political, personal, global, terrorfying stuff…
• Paintings, (digital) collages, sculptures, photos, stories, poems.

Mike Bohatch (USA), Denis Grrr (FRA), Stefan Heuer (GER), Jan Off (GER), Komoda (USA), K27 (GER), MxNihil (GER), Stan Lafleur (GER), Mike Diana (USA), Olger (NL), Michael Hutter (GER), Chris Gennaro (USA), Chris Christopher (USA), Crites (USA), Schiemann (GER), Marcel Ruijters (NL), Michael Dickinson (TR), Tom Toys (GER), Elm(GER), Sha-Lee (GER), Aberdeen Poster (GB), Jenz (GER)



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