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2. January 2016 | 1 Comment

A4, 60pages, partial UV varnish on cover, english, ©2015
paitings · (digital) collages · sculptures · photos
shortstories · poems · interviews · reviews

 “Stranger in a strange mind” – Gonzo-Interview with Richard Kirk
 “H.R.I.P.G. – A farewell to H.R. Giger
 “You looking like an empty skull” – Human skull art
 “Inside the sewer of evolution”
Interviews about the future of mankind
 4 pages mag & book reviews

Featured artists:
Absumaniac (Poland), Al Farrow (USA), A. Nitschke (Germany), Anja Millen (Irland),
Bahrull Marta
(Indonesia), Bene Kramer (Germany), Chris Mars (USA), Chris Panatier (USA)
Elena Helfrecht
(Germany), H.R. Giger (Switzerland), Jarek Kubicki (Poland),
jenz dieckmann
(Germany), Jeremi Rimel (USA), Jochen Schilling (Germany)
John Santerinerros
(USA), Jonathan Payne (USA), Jonas Gawinski (Germany)
Kai Kraus
(Germany), Kirill Semenov (Russia), Laabs Kowalski (Germany)
Liang-Yuan Wong
(Taiwan), Matthew J. Levin (USA), R.S. Connett (USA)
Richard A. Kirk
(Canada), Seth Siro Anton (Greece), Sigied Yudhanto (Indonesia)
Trëz (France), Vorace Kahna Baal (France)

“You have to understand that you can’t get away like this.
Napalm burns until it has reached the very end. Always.
It was naive of you to believe you could blow it out.”
(“In Full Blast” – jenz dieckmann)

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