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14. August 2018 | Comment

Artbook – Best of 25 years of scum
(INSIDE artzine 1993-2018)
Hardcover with relief lacquer, 230x330mm, 88pages, english
paitings · (digital) collages · sculptures · photos
shortstories · poems · interviews · reviews

Featured artists:
Chris Mars (United States of America) // Seth Siro Anton (Greece) // Trevor Brown (Japan) // John Santerineross (United States of America) // Kamerian (Japan) // Juha Arvid Helminen (Finland) // Sigied Himawan Yudhanto (Indonesia) // Patrick Byers (Canada) // Elena Helfrecht (Germany) // Federico Bebber (Italy) // Jon Payne (United States of America) // K.D. Matheson (Las Vegas) // Evan Campbell (United States of America) // Bob Basset (Ukraine) // Juan Cabana (United States of America) // Christina Tzani (Greece) // Pierre Fudaryli (Mexico) // Marcelo Vasco (Brazil) // Beb Deum (France) // Jeremi Rimel (United States of America) // Killian Skarr (United States of America) // Zane Wylie (United States of America) // Andrew Zbihlyj (United Kingdom) // Absumaniac (Poland) // Kai Kraus (Germany) // Rodrigo Braga (Brazil) // Richard A. Kirk (Canada) // Liang-Yuan Wong (Taiwan) // Ben Newman (United Kingdom) // Dan Verkys (Australia) // Urs Böke (Germany) // Phillip Kremer (United States of America) // Tommi Musturi (Finland) // Richard Stone (United Kingdom) // Jan Schleevogt (Germany) // Marcel Ruijters (Netherlands) // Joachim Luetke (Austria) // Olivier de Sagazan (France) // Iris Schieferstein (Germany) // Michael Hutter (Germany) // Patrice Hubert (France) // Michael Zoch (Germany) // Andreas Nitschke (Germany) // R.S. Connett (United States of America) // Jean-Luc Navette (France) // Jenz Dieckmann (Germoney)

The 13,140,000 minutes are over. I cannot wipe the slate clean again now. I neither want to. All that remains for me is: to go out there. Out of the dark cellar of my youth into the neon-flooded night of the old age. With the certainty by my side that the artscum will continue proliferating. Like distrust in the eyes of the thoughtful people. Like the bent happiness of beauty in the shadow of fickle morals.
Like the microplastics in our cells. Compelled.”

(taken from the editorial)

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