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10. July 2017 | Comment

A4, 60pages, english, ©2017
paitings · (digital) collages · sculptures · photos
shortstories · poems · interviews · reviews

 “Nippon-o-maniac” – Gonzo-Interview with Trevor Brown (Japan)
  “Trying to have some fun with all the hate”– Trump art special
  “A shady tale” –  Exclusive short-storie by Michael Marrak
4 pages mag & book reviews

Featured artists:
Aaron Paul Rogers (USA) · Absumaniac (Poland) · Alexandr Kumpan (Russia)
Chris Mars (USA) · Christina Tzani (Greece) · Jeff Christensen (USA)
jenzzz dieckmann (Germoney) · Jochen Schilling (Germany) · Johannes Witek (Austria)
Jonas Gawinski (Germany) · Kamerian (Japan) · Michael Marrak (Germany)
Michael Zoch (Germany) · Milad Mahtabi (Iran) · Nagash793 (Hungary)
Paul Cristina (USA) · Pete Hamillton (UK) · Piercarlo Carella (Italy)
Pierre Fudaryli (Mexico) · Phillip Kremer (USA) · Piotr Jabłonski (Poland)
Richard G. Davis (South Africa) · Scott D. Wilson (USA) · Seungyea Park (Republic of Korea)
Trevor Brown (Japan)

Oh, sure, the abnormities… a disgusting word, I have to admit, but a very traditional, yea classical term. Besides, the guild of hangmans has got a considerable supply of ropes at its disposal for the wretched ones to…
well, you know what.

(“A shady tale” – Michael Marrak)


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