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INSIDE artzine #19: “Trying to have some fun with all the hate” – Karen Fiorito EXTENDED

1. December 2017 | Comment

Karen Fiorito – The “Trump-Billboard” in Phoenix, Arizona
“Trumpocalypse & Unity”

Without any question, Karens work is provoking. It’s radical, it’s courageous and most important of it all: It’s the truth! As we mention in the “Trump Art Special – Trying to have some fun with all the hate” (INSIDE artzine #19), Karens Trump billboard is a memorial, at least as big as one for Edward Snowden. Due to the reduced space in a printed medium, we decided to tell more about the storie here:

  • more images (incl. other Fiorito billboards) & video footage
  • artistical statement
  • the complete interview of INSIDE artzine #19
  • “free speech vs hate speech” – a response from the overwhelming and continuing harassment online and offline

Karens TRUMPOCALYPSE website

If you interested in more art about Donald Trump
read our special in INSIDE artzine #19 buy online


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