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John Santerineross – “Little Voices Whispering”

29. October 2014 | Comment

Appears in INSIDE artzine #18 buy online

Think you know John Santerineross. His dark and fascinating photography, with his well arranged settings, disturbing beautyful models, gloomy symbolism. Great stuff. But something happend… to him. To his work. Or to his models. I must admit, I was pretty amazed, when I have read that Johns newest project file under “still life”. Sounds exciting. We need more information. At the end of this special, you will find one of his spectacular short films and a review of his second art book “Dream”. But first, check out the work of Mr. Santerineross (first row “still life”, second row “portfolio”) and then we will talk to him about the little voices (in his head).

Interview with John Santerineross Your art can’t be describe easily. It has a lot of different facets, from terrifying to beautiful. Above all your work is always drowning in darkness… But darkness is not only the absence of light. What more is lurking in the shadows (of mind)?!

John: I am always creating in my mind, always have 6 projects in the works. So you never know what might strike me , but when it does I am possessed by the idea until I see it to fruition. You are working on a fascinating new project. While in the past you primarily focused models as the main part of your arrangements, the “little voices whispering” images are pure “still lives”. What looks on first view like a “light version” of your model works, get a complete own dynamic after a while. To me, they seems to be more personal, intimate. It’s getting more quiet in your surreal scenarios. What is your point of view?
John: I have been doing still life work ever since my second book DREAM came out in 2005 (see review at the end of this post), I just never invested the time into them as I do with my symbolist erotic work. But I found as time went on I was struck with the inspiration to devote more serious time to them. I am enjoying the exploration and learning a lot that I can apply to my other work . Did you tell a story in your still lives, or do they develop unconscious and/or intuitive? Who’s “little voices whispering” to you and what did they say?
John: They begin with a single object whether it be an old toy or photograph , after that it becomes intuitive and very personal. Objects are brought into the mini set, oh by the way the box my still lifes are created in are only 30 cm by 30 cm by 30 cm. I keep adding positioning and moving objects until they seem “correct” then I start working on the lighting, I use flashlights and colored gels  as my lighting source. Once I am satisfied , I then capture them with my camera which is a Nikon D800. Little Voices Whispering comes from the idea that these objects have been places, seen things,  experienced history. And they speak to me… Still lives has an old tradition in art history. What is the fascination of this variety of art? John: Since my symbolist erotic work, takes so long to construct the sets, this gives me an opportunity to stay creative, and keep my mind active between shoots. But I must admit I am finding these to be taking over my time. Not only because of the frequent explicit presentation of your female models, your previous work have a very strong intensity. Surprisingly you can still find this intense mood in your still lifes. Isn’t the excluding of models a substantial reduction of the ways of expression? How do you fix this problem?
John: The models in my symbolist work, in my mind are no more important then any other object in the set, that being said, the still lifes are not a far departure from the way I work already. What comes next? More reduction? Will we see an complete abstract Santerineross one day?
John: Its funny that you bring this up, I have another project I am working on that does just that. But i would rather keep that a surprise for now. The world seems to become more and more a violent, unkind place. Greed and egoism seems to be the only impulse of any change. Did mankind still have the chance to build a peaceful, sustainable world for every living and feeling being or would it be better if somebody dispose everything in the sewer of the evolutionary failure?
John: We are doomed to extinction in my opinion, so enjoy life while you’re here.

You have heard it. All that’s left now is to have fun. Lets start right now: “Ma-Ku”… a shortfilm by John Santerineross. My kind of fun….  (switch into full screen modus!!!)

Okay, you prefer it more relaxed?! Need something for a laid-back evening with a bottle of booze? Read a book! But be prepared, someone could enter your dreams…

John Santerineross – Dream Hardcover · 120 pages · 23 x 30 cm english · 39,99 USD Purchase:
Dreams. The good auld, wicked mirror of our souls. Without this uncontrollable valve of the hidden inside, this automobile disentanglement machinery of an engine basically not even known by ourselves, we had all gone crazy yet, hadn’t we? But are dreams really nothing more than the dark passage between fucking off and waking up again where we try to come to terms with everything that would make us daft during waking hours? When flicking through this book, I suddenly wasn’t so sure anymore about that. Cause what the photo artist Santerineross herds up from his dreams here, implies pretty voluminous waking hours. Waking hours in which he knows exactly what he is doing, and why. Black eroticism, sometimes definitely staged as SM fetishism, sometimes chased back into the photographer’s black think tank by using inexplicable symbols and metaphors. Just as befits wellmade nightmares and the careless interpretation of them. Mysteriously cryptic and never without a subtle hatch of intimidation. The intimidating feeling that there is something within us we do not understand, but which understands us. It is not for nothing that sleep is seen as death’s little brother. So read this fantastic book before you go to bed and get some inspiration from it! (review taken from “INSIDE artzine #17” buy online )


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