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Kris Kuksi – Divination And Delusion (Book)

23. March 2013 | Comment

Yeah, everybody knows them, everybody loves them: the sculptures, skidded into an ulterior dimension, of the American artist Kris Kuksi, a nightmarish stickler for details. They are as beautiful in their noble dignity as they are threatening in their manic accuracy. From the beginning you let yourself in for the tempting variety of details you’re lost. This book sucks you into the decaying cosmos of ultimate overstimulation. The naïve attempt to find a meaning in all the guises, stories, and shapes that are floating past is punished with brain haemorrhages of at least 2 days. Topped off with the brilliant “churchtanks” and some drawings / paintings of the master, this is a visually stunning trip with no return.

Hard cover, 140 pages, 12 x 8.5 inches, English, USD 39,00

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Publisher: Beinart Publishing

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