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Liang – Yuan Wong (Taiwan)

27. November 2014 | Comment

Appears in INSIDE artzine #17 (with other stuff) buy online

SI(X)CK QUESTIONS Q: Who are you? A: A soul who is waiting for the destruction of earth and reincarnation… who am I? Q: Darkness is not only the absence of light. What is lurking in the shadows (of your mind)?! A: Only when we delve deep into the darkness may we appreciate the preciousness of light! I am never frightened when faced with death because that is a part of life! We need to understand the value of life as? Q: What is the most important taboo in art? A: Art can also represent the criticisms of reality, dark art is on the rise, because we are living in a dark age! Q: Why is the beauty in ugliness so fatal? A: The aesthetics of arts has its commonalities, we are merely presenting the materials that the most people do not dare to challenge. Dark art reflects the dark side of humanity, and hence it is more valuable! Q: What question would you ask the most evil person on this planet? A: If God were here, would you still be alive? Why has the world today become so inhumane and evil? I have decided to take charge of my all, in my work I am God! Q: The world seems to become more and more a violent, unkind place. Greed and egoism seems to be the only impulse of any change. Did mankind still have the chance to build a peaceful, sustainable world for every living and feeling being or would it be better if somebody dispose everything in the sewer of the evolutionary failure? A: Environment, life, reproduction, evolution, destruction – in facing the unforgiving laws of survival, we are equal as souls awaiting refuge. Men have made our world greater with knowledge, but he will also destroy our world as a result of it! We are both angels and devils at the same time.

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