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Michael Hussar – White: A Decade (Book)Michael Hussar – White: A Decade (Book)

15. November 2012 | Comments Off on Michael Hussar – White: A Decade (Book)Michael Hussar – White: A Decade (Book)

The cover is quite deceiving in its white innocence. But I won’t be deceived! Those who expect redemption from their sins behind the hardcover prayer book board will be both disappointed and thrown back in years. What Michael Hussar, the manifested authority in the section of decadent, sick oil paintings, forces down on the high glossy pages is able to change your life. Irretrievably. It’s impossible to escape from the heavy, sad melancholy of his paintings. This delicate aesthetic, soaked in pale craze and overblown otherness, crowned with carelessly blurred lip blood. Colours that seem to be moulded of boiled, rancid honey, motives that seem to be borrowed from a blasphemous bacchanal frenzy of late Roman psychos. Hussar’s works are wonderfully dark, they are technically close to extraterrestrial perfection, they could – and should – be in every square museum that was wrapped by star architects unless… unless there is this subtle, culture-destroying message in his pictures… “Beauty is nothing else but sick decadence.” Or am I the only person hearing this?! Well, who cares. But listen to Hussar, he tells you the right things.

Hardcover · 250 pages · 29 x 20 cm, english ···· 50,00 USD