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Michael Manning – “Inamorata” (Art book)

28. September 2016 | Comment

Michael Manning – Inamorata
Softcover, ca. 30x23cm/12x 9inch, 24,95 Euro

Yeah. Time journey. Back. Downwards. Into the dark times when INSIDE artzine was spreading its pernicious message with the carcinogenic toner out from the copier into the world. When hunger- and / or drug-contaminated baby hands (mine ones) in the sweat of their brow were thrashing the staples into the flesh of the innocent artzine. Anyone remembering the cover of INSIDE artzine #4? (See Thierry Gayrard! Magical black-and-white power, full to the brim with cocks, boobs, dark sex, lacquered lunacy. This was 21 years ago. Thierry has unfortunately submerged in the
bottomless nothing of time, but his legacy is still there. In this soft cover stunner, for example. Trenchant, black-and-white SM art, full to the brim with – right – cocks, boobs, lacquered lunacy.
Plus domina-trixes, dancers, fetish models, contortionists, ponygirls, slaves, whips.
Mostly all together. And with one another. And everything drawn in black and white grandeur, without any grey shades, and arranged in an elegant symmetrical style. And, as is right and proper for a stringent exceptional artist, one talent is not enough. In addition to the black pencil having roved about in many books, there is both the sewing needle and the tattoo needle to be covered with glory. The tailormade costumes the models wear are anabsolutely crazy realization of his drawings, and pierced into innocent skin, the drawings look even more fascinating. Just have a look at it! And if anyone knows the name of the planet where Thierry Gayrard has escaped to, please send an email to the INSIDE artzine



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