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Otaku Magazine “Sapporo Edition” (Magazine)Otaku Magazine “Sapporo Edition” (Magazine)

6. December 2012 | Comments Off on Otaku Magazine “Sapporo Edition” (Magazine)Otaku Magazine “Sapporo Edition” (Magazine)

Language: English, Copies: 1000 copies worldwide, Number of pages: 72 (100% no ads), 
Size: 164x235mm (close to B5 format), Bonus: poster & sickers 
Price: €7.00 (shipping not included)

Otaku Magazine “Sapporo Edition”

Our main health-inducing ingredients range from Elegant Gothic Lolita fashions to Ukiyo-e style rendition of gaming heroes and toy character anatomy classes with “Moist”. We also have some superhero crossover fusion artwork, combining the best of both worlds. In partnership with Tokyo Design Festa we will walk you through multiple booths and event hideaways. From interviews with artists-in-residence at S-AIR, to reviewing the pre-Sapporo Biennale, we have got recommendations about music, toyz and a fresh bundle of indie games. We’ve got superhero explosive splatter art by “Bombattack” and a tribute article dedicated to Satoshi Kon. Also don’t forget the exclusive interview with Crypton Future Media, the creatures of Hatsune Miku and our Sapporo special with young artists from the region.