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INSIDE artzine #14 Papermagazine

Paintings, (digital) collages, sculptures, poems, stories, interviews, reviews…
A4, 44 p., full color, english, ©2010

– “Hellbourne” – (Gonzo)Interview with Dan Verkys (Melbourne/Australia)
– “Lovecraft wasn’t wrong”
– The fish people of Juan Cabana (Report)
– Book & magazine review

Featured artists:
Seth Siro Anton
Jason Felix (USA)
Cryptonaut (AUT)
Chris Mars (USA)
Olivier de Sagazan (FRA)
Dan Verkys (AUS)
Juan Cabana (USA)
Patrick Byers (CAN)
Pierk (ITA)
Cryptonaut (AUT)
Kapreles (BEL)
Jan Schleevogt (GER)
Navette (FRA)
Justin Aerni (USA)
Oliver Schott (GER)
Tachas Tachas (ARG)
Oliver Wetter (GER)
Sybille Lengauer (GER)
Michael Hutter (GER)
Juan Cabana (USA)
Fero (ITA)
Bastart-Worx (GER)
Niel Parthey (GER)
Tom Bresemann (GER)
Frederico Bebber (ITA)
jenzzz (GER)


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