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Darkadya 2 (book)


Darkadya – The book of art from below
-30 dark artists
-250+ full color illustration, album covers, merchandise designs, sculptures and photographs
-30 portraits
-emboss-stamped inside
and much more!

Out in September 29th 2017 Preorder now:

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MF Gallery (USA): Postcards from the edge


“Postcards From The Edge: Posters And Artwork Of The NYC Punk Scene”

“Postcards From The Edge: Posters And Artwork Of The NYC Punk Scene” includes many original flyers and posters from the 1970’s to the present. The vibrant, original artwork in the show represents each artist’s personal experiences and reflections of the stalwart NYC punk scene, from its’ heyday to still-surviving present. Mediums such as painting, photography, posters and album cover art, artistic fliers, and mixed media work with punk motifs and/or memorabilia will be shown.
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Crowdfunding campaign Gallery X: El Corazón y la Muerte – exhibition European tour

El Corazón y la Muerte –
exhibition European tour
Help GalleryX bring this incredible exhibition of
Mexican surrealist art around Europe!

El Corazón y la Muerte is the most important exhibition of contemporary dark surrealist artists from Mexico to be organized in Europe for the past few years. Curated by cult artist Kikyz1313, this exhibition showcases the talent of 12 among the most talented young artists active in Mexico today. The exhibition will be presented in Dublin from 28 October to 26 November 2016 – but we need your help to bring it to other European cities and to make an even bigger success!

Crowdfunding campaign

Gallery X:

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Museum of Porn in Art (Switzerland) : Superdaimos


“Boots & Booty” von SUPERDAIMOS
Boots and booty!
Art and farts!
Nude and rude!
Norm and forms!
Naked and elated!
“Why do i always tend to draw nudes, nude women in particular. Art has its beginnings with “line” forming “form”, suggesting weight and mass. The human figure, most notably womens figure, is the ultimate form. As an artist, studying and painting the human form is a must! Mastering the art of portraiture as well as the naked human form is essential for an artist, however long it must take.”
– superdaimos

Vernissage: Donnerstag, den 22. September 2016 ab 20.00 Uhr
in Edi’s Weinstube, Stüssihofstatt 14 in Zürich.
 Ausstellung: Vom 23. September bis zum 16. November 2016, Montag bis Donnerstag 11.00-24.00, Freitag und Samstag 11.00-02.00 und Sonntag 14.00-22.00.

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Louis Fleischauer – “Flesh Art” (Art book)

Louis Fleischauer – Flesh Art
Hardcover, 17x24cm, ca.120 p., 28 Euro + 4€(ger)/11€(eu)/19€(world)
Purchase: Paypal: (+ your address)

Holy fucking shit. This is going to be extreme. Extreme beauty meets extreme pain meets extreme ecstasy. I freely admit that some of these works lie beyond my physical resilience, but whoever reads a magazine like this (i.e. YOU) generally likes to open up to the upwardly cracked Richter scale of limit experiences. So feel free to dive into this great high-gloss book full of photographs, announcements, and insanity. Louis’ works can be roughly divided into three levels of consciousness: 1. The surface. The fashion he puts on mostly female surfaces blows the convenience of the mere morality-prescribed cladding and creates new definitions. Apart from starkly awesome corsages or intimidating, erotic neck-face masks, there may appear, for example, completely freaked-out Cthulhu wings on the deities’ backs.
Level 2: Beneath the surface. The performance “Physical Pain” by Louis and his gang is a passion
being way beyond the simple piercing of the skin with hooks and needles. It is a state of liberation from one’s own limits. The shift of borders is a challenge which crackles in each of the pictures of the various shows through the eyes of the shamans who hang in their skins.
Level 3: Outerspace. This is not – only – about beautiful pictures (of which there are a lot of in this book, though) or red blood. It’s about the dimension opening up behind. About the magic space of doing what satisfies, enhances, and frees your innermost inside. Read his manifest at the beginning of the book, his announcements between the pictures, and the interview outtakes at the end and you will find out quickly how befuddling and deep his fascinating art cosmos is. Survive this book or don’t. But have a look at it. jz



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