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Louis Fleischauer – “Flesh Art” (Art book)

Louis Fleischauer – Flesh Art
Hardcover, 17x24cm, ca.120 p., 28 Euro + 4€(ger)/11€(eu)/19€(world)
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Holy fucking shit. This is going to be extreme. Extreme beauty meets extreme pain meets extreme ecstasy. I freely admit that some of these works lie beyond my physical resilience, but whoever reads a magazine like this (i.e. YOU) generally likes to open up to the upwardly cracked Richter scale of limit experiences. So feel free to dive into this great high-gloss book full of photographs, announcements, and insanity. Louis’ works can be roughly divided into three levels of consciousness: 1. The surface. The fashion he puts on mostly female surfaces blows the convenience of the mere morality-prescribed cladding and creates new definitions. Apart from starkly awesome corsages or intimidating, erotic neck-face masks, there may appear, for example, completely freaked-out Cthulhu wings on the deities’ backs.
Level 2: Beneath the surface. The performance “Physical Pain” by Louis and his gang is a passion
being way beyond the simple piercing of the skin with hooks and needles. It is a state of liberation from one’s own limits. The shift of borders is a challenge which crackles in each of the pictures of the various shows through the eyes of the shamans who hang in their skins.
Level 3: Outerspace. This is not – only – about beautiful pictures (of which there are a lot of in this book, though) or red blood. It’s about the dimension opening up behind. About the magic space of doing what satisfies, enhances, and frees your innermost inside. Read his manifest at the beginning of the book, his announcements between the pictures, and the interview outtakes at the end and you will find out quickly how befuddling and deep his fascinating art cosmos is.
Survive this book or don’t. But have a look at it.


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Jack Mord – “Beyond dark veil” (Photo book)

Jack Mord – Beyond dark veil
Hardcover, ca. 23x18cm/9x7inch, 200 pages, 25,00 USD

An art form that has unfortunately completely gone out of style: photographing of the dead. The tradition in some South-European countries of pinning photos of the dead on the tombstones is something I really find interesting. In our modern,
picture-flooded age of media, a well-stocked hipster grave can’t be without a screen in the tombstone (with, for example, outtakes, portfolios, and / or the Last Words of the new tenant of the grave).
This photo book describes the origins of the modern burial fashion.
On the postmortal high-glossy pages, the gentle necrophilic reader can find about 200 pictures from the early 20th century. The remaining bodies of the beloved, liberated souls were dressed in their best Sunday suits. Children were given their favourite dolls into their hands. A couple that had rescued beyond the cliffs of death gets its last obviously died together;

their love which was physical unification in a double coffin.This prosaic enumeration may sound a bit naive or even disrespectful, though, but when you browse this book you can soon feel the evolving reverent atmosphere. It is not difficult to realize that the effort to erect a dignified memorial in the honour of the dead, had originated from a very loving, well-wrought motivation.
Although the photographs have
quasi internalized the obvious charm of show, they are moving documents of grief, loss, and love – aspects that the modern mortuary cult, which seems to consist merely of hospital, cremation, and obituaries, completely lacks. So read this and learn from the dead. Or as the thrash band „Whiplash“ put it: (We must) Respect the dead.


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Michael Manning – “Inamorata” (Art book)

Michael Manning – Inamorata
Softcover, ca. 30x23cm/12x 9inch, 24,95 Euro

Yeah. Time journey. Back. Downwards. Into the dark times when INSIDE artzine was spreading its pernicious message with the carcinogenic toner out from the copier into the world. When hunger- and / or drug-contaminated baby hands (mine ones) in the sweat of their brow were thrashing the staples into the flesh of the innocent artzine. Anyone remembering the cover of INSIDE artzine #4? (See Thierry Gayrard! Magical black-and-white power, full to the brim with cocks, boobs, dark sex, lacquered lunacy. This was 21 years ago. Thierry has unfortunately submerged in the
bottomless nothing of time, but his legacy is still there. In this soft cover stunner, for example. Trenchant, black-and-white SM art, full to the brim with – right – cocks, boobs, lacquered lunacy. Plus domina-trixes, dancers, fetish models, contortionists,
pony girls, slaves, whips. Mostly all together. And with one another. And everything drawn in black and white grandeur, without any grey shades, and arranged in an elegant symmetrical style. And, as is right and proper for a stringent exceptional artist, one talent is not enough. In addition to the black pencil having roved about in many books, there is both the sewing needle and the tattoo needle to be covered with glory. The tailormade costumes the models wear are anabsolutely crazy realization of his drawings, and pierced into innocent skin, the drawings look even more fascinating. Just have a look at it! And – if anyone knows the name of the planet where Thierry Gayrard has escaped to, please send an email to the INSIDE artzine


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Elburg, Almquist, Clough – “Dollmatrix” (Comic)

Marc Van Elburg, Crippa XXX Almquist, Zeke Clough –

A5+, b/w, 56pages, 6,66 Euro
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Crippa:  · Zeke:

Yeah, this is fuckin’ WILD!!!! Every-thing is exploding in this A5 black-and-white-something mag! Always! Form, content, taste, laws (of evolution), brain, eyes, mind. The pure debris!
In a last desperate act of self control, the sinking gravitation of your skull collects the wreckage while reading and makes it in a self-sandblasting cloud dance around you to cut your tears of joy directly out of your eyes.
At the beginning it is a conventional comic strip about a materialistic
terror, i.e. shopping, center. But very quickly it leaves any path of logics and / or intentions. Fuck
logics! The gentle reader staggers from comic (speech) bubbles via multi-chaotic single-pagers through to nightmarishly seething surfaces filling pages and falls into an abyss of total artistic overspending
continuously revolving around
Although this monster is a collaboration of three very different extremists from Sweden, England, and the Netherlands, this “comic book” rolls over you like a solid, homogenous barrel, leaving inspirations from Jeff Gaither or R. K. Sloane far behind. This is no art book, this is a total fucking old-school art mag! No high-gloss picture show, but a blunt film full of dirt, violence, and tripped-out draughtsmanship.
100 percent independent, 1000 percent crazy. Or as the terror trio itself puts it: “A comic that walks the very thin line between being utterly underground, complete mumbo-jumbo garbage, and arty-
farty avantgarde-quasi-intellectual-
There is nothing left to say!?


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Darkadya 2 (book)


Darkadya – The book of art from below
-30 dark artists
-250+ full color illustration, album covers, merchandise designs, sculptures and photographs
-30 portraits
-emboss-stamped inside
and much more!

Out in September 29th 2017 Preorder now:

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Fine Art Print: jenzzz “Zweifel/Doubt”

High quality 6-colour-print on highly white bleached UV-photo paper (135g/m2)

A1 (59,4 x 84,1cm)
A0 (84,1 x 118,9cm)
gigantic artscum eyesore size!!!!
Send separately in a cardboard roll

59.90€/ 66.68$ - 79.90€/88.94$ Select options



JULY 2 at #SuperchiefGalleryLA is Los Angeles based sculptor and multidisciplinary artist, Sarah Sitkin’s (@sssleepallday) first solo sculptural exhibition. The show highlights in part Sitkin’s unique and grotesque flesh sculptures, made from silicone, wax, plaster and urethane molds which are morphed and expounded upon in her studio laboratory. The bewildering and often grotesque sculptures serve to remind us of our fleshy human fragility, even in what so often feels like the beginning of a post-human era. The exhibition features multiple highly textural and detailed arrangements of the artist’s uniquely stylized sculptures, prepared and beautifully lit as they are in her trademark photos.  Read more →