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This is the sewer of creativity. The abyss of dark art. An art blog in the vain of H.R. Giger, Hieronymus Bosch and Absumaniac. Galleries, interviews, book & magazine reviews, links, exhibition dates, store and propaganda in the name of artscum. – art blog of the grotesque

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INSIDE artzine #20 – Best of 25 years
Artbook, hardcover with relief lacque, 230x330mm

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Butch & Joel

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INSIDE artzine #20 – International Artscum Magazine

Artbook – Best of 25 years of scum
(INSIDE artzine 1993-2018)
Hardcover with relief lacquer, 230x330mm, 88pages, english
paitings · (digital) collages · sculptures · photos
shortstories · poems · interviews · reviews

Featured artists:
Chris Mars (United States of America) // Seth Siro Anton (Greece) // Trevor Brown (Japan) // John Santerineross (United States of America) // Kamerian (Japan) // Juha Arvid Helminen (Finland) // Sigied Himawan Yudhanto (Indonesia) // Patrick Byers (Canada) // Elena Helfrecht (Germany) // Federico Bebber (Italy) // Jon Payne (United States of America) // K.D. Matheson (Las Vegas) // Evan Campbell (United States of America) // Bob Basset (Ukraine) // Juan Cabana (United States of America) // Christina Tzani (Greece) // Pierre Fudaryli (Mexico) // Marcelo Vasco (Brazil) // Beb Deum (France) // Jeremi Rimel (United States of America) // Killian Skarr (United States of America) // Zane Wylie (United States of America) // Andrew Zbihlyj (United Kingdom) // Absumaniac (Poland) // Kai Kraus (Germany) // Rodrigo Braga (Brazil) // Richard A. Kirk (Canada) // Liang-Yuan Wong (Taiwan) // Ben Newman (United Kingdom) // Dan Verkys (Australia) // Urs Böke (Germany) // Phillip Kremer (United States of America) // Tommi Musturi (Finland) // Richard Stone (United Kingdom) // Jan Schleevogt (Germany) // Marcel Ruijters (Netherlands) // Joachim Luetke (Austria) // Olivier de Sagazan (France) // Iris Schieferstein (Germany) // Michael Hutter (Germany) // Patrice Hubert (France) // Michael Zoch (Germany) // Andreas Nitschke (Germany) // R.S. Connett (United States of America) // Jean-Luc Navette (France) // Jenz Dieckmann (Germoney)

The 13,140,000 minutes are over. I cannot wipe the slate clean again now. I neither want to. All that remains for me is: to go out there. Out of the dark cellar of my youth into the neon-flooded night of the old age. With the certainty by my side that the artscum will continue proliferating. Like distrust in the eyes of the thoughtful people. Like the bent happiness of beauty in the shadow of fickle morals.
Like the microplastics in our cells. Compelled.”

(taken from the editorial)

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Artscum is an art movement that originated in the late 20th century. It focuses mainly on the idealization of ugliness. Its exact origin and aims are mostly unknown.
The most famous representatives of Artscum are Seth Siro Anton, Chris Mars, John Santerineros, H. R. Giger, R.S. Connett, Trevor Brown and Absumaniac.
Key organ is the Germany based print magazine INSIDE artzine – International Artscum Magazine.

Artscum primarily manifests itself in digital collages and sculptures but also in paintings, photographs, and drawings.
Apart from the arts branch, a writing movement of Artscum has arisen at the beginning of the early 21st century. Its most famous representatives are Urs Böke, Roland Adelmann, Jan Off, Sybille Lengauer, and Jan Schleevogt.

The key organ and most important international medium of Artscum is the magazine INSIDE artzine which was founded in the early 1990s in Germany as a photocopied fanzine. The distribution of this print magazine, which is published in English, can be described as global. Up to now, various internationally known artists are being published there, primarily from Europe and the US, but also from Japan, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, and China.
Furthermore, since 2010 there has been some kind of blog called where picture galleries (mainly with pictures by the artists being published in INSIDE artzine), interviews, book and magazine reviews as well as a comprehensive link collection give an overview of the otherwise extensively unorganized scene.

Due to the fact that the movement has got no structure or organization at all, collective exhibitions take place very seldom. They are mostly spontaneous and take place in underground galleries. There have only been but a few exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, and Japan yet.
– June 4th to 25th, 2008: Knark Art – Dresden – Germany
– August 3rd to 31st, 2012: Museum of Porn in Art – Zurich – Switzerland
– February 3rd to 15th, 2014: Vanilla Gallery – Tokyo – Japan
– July 17th to 29th July 2018: Vanilla Gallery – Tokyo – Japan

A very characteristic feature of Artscum is its pronounced tendency of extreme ugliness without at the same time ignoring the basic beauty of things. The art-historical question “Is there beauty in the ugly, can one exist without the other?” has been discussed in many different art movements before, but the radicality of Artscum occupies a special position here for sure.
Artscum does not accept any laws or rules, no capricious morality, no predefined taboos. No nations, no races, no classes, no education, no self-display, and / or no other vanities. But this doesn’t mean that Artscum was settled in a legal vacuum of the mind.
Claimed values like reason and respect apparently refer to humanism.
In Artscum, art is no science one has to study. No religion one has to believe in. No enlightenment one has to search for. No sanctuary on white walls one has to worship. Neither is Artscum subject to the various discussions about taste. This art movement does not deal with food but with thought.
The name of the movement is to be understood as a verbalized impudence.
Despite unformed “manifests” appearing there and then in the internet, there have been only rudimentarily successful attempts to define a concrete aim of Artscum. There are no related or similar art movements to be found; comparisons with Art Brut or Dada are scientifically not correct.

Ministry of Scum / Summer 2374

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INSIDE artzine #19: “Trying to have some fun with all the hate” – Karen Fiorito EXTENDED

Karen Fiorito – The “Trump-Billboard” in Phoenix, Arizona
“Trumpocalypse & Unity”

Without any question, Karens work is provoking. It’s radical, it’s courageous and most important of it all: It’s the truth! As we mention in the “Trump Art Special – Trying to have some fun with all the hate” (INSIDE artzine #19), Karens Trump billboard is a memorial, at least as big as one for Edward Snowden. Due to the reduced space in a printed medium, we decided to tell more about the storie here:

  • more images (incl. other Fiorito billboards) & video footage
  • artistical statement
  • the complete interview of INSIDE artzine #19
  • “free speech vs hate speech” – a response from the overwhelming and continuing harassment online and offline

Karens TRUMPOCALYPSE website

If you interested in more art about Donald Trump
read our special in INSIDE artzine #19 buy online


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More images (incl. other billboards of Karen) & video footage

Karen made this little mashup of some of the media coverage and responses to the Trumpocalypse billboard.

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Artistical statement

Karen Fiorito

These images were created for a 2-sided billboard in Phoenix, AZ. The larger and more dramatic one, Trumpocalypse, expresses what a large majority of the population feel, as do many people around the globe. That feeling is fear, fear of losing our rights, our freedoms, our environment, our land, our water, our livelihoods, and ultimately our planet.
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The complete interview from INSIDE artzine #19

„Trying to have some fun with all the hate“ Karen Fiorito

There are times when mankind apparently longs to return to the primeval soup of stupidity. Endless centuries of the past burnt down, knowledge hardened in the fire of error and correction to finally dedicate itself to the evolution of reason and unpretentiousness.
All for nothing? Used up in the oven of the greed and the egoism of some few?
Intimidated by the global capitalism, we sit on the locked loo and play with our own poop.
What is again left to rescue us? Art! Unsurpassed in its force and message, exemplary in its courage to say the truth, and an absolute paragon in the freedom of opinion. There is talk of the work of the American artist Karen Fiorito. Her powerful billboard in Phoenix, Arizona, is a memorial, at least as big as the one for Edward Snowden.

INSIDE artzine: Donald Trump’s policy is reactionary and shows contempt for both mankind and environment, but he is not an isolated case. Be it the “Alternative für Deutschland” (AfD) in Germany, the “Front National” in France, the “Partij voor de Vrijheid” (PVV) in the Netherlands, or “Fidesz” in Hungary: how come that so many people nowadays turn their backs to democracy and thus give power to totalitarian systems where they would get their faces smashed in by uniformed goon squads?
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