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Le Nevralgie Costanti

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Nihil – “Inamorata” (Art book)

Nihil (Feat. In Slaughter Natives) – Ventre
Hardcover, 17x25cm/7×10“, Book 115 pages, CD 39:18 min, 40,00 Euro

Nihil’s work has been accompanying me for several years now through the hidden valleys of a remote art taste. The French photographer and picture manipulator has always been a welcome guest in our mental asylum for a reason (for example in INSIDE artzine #17) – his works conceal something that only comes to light under the most extensive physical effort in a genre, characterized by darkness and despair: elegance! Sublime poses burst upon grotesque wrenches here, graceful silence upon seething menaces. And the pictures always seem to lack something. The iris in the eye. The expression of the face. The hairs on the heads. White surfaces where secondary habits expect primary sexual characteristics. This lack of physical identity puts his figures into the fleshless light of saints and martyrs. Because they suffer. This is the last remaining expression which cannot be taken away from them. Heavily depressing and wonderful at the same time.The dark, brooding soundscapes of the industrial band IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES of the enclosed audio CD are integrated perfectly between the full-screen refined pages. A perfectly successful cooperation of two masters of dark art. And finally, to draw a line between the two unholy covers of this publication, Nihil provides us with reflective, dark stories for our restless sleep, all of which confidently float between dark dignity and menacing doom. An amazing artistic synthesis!!

In Slaughter Natives – “113TH SCAR”


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“Nocturnes” – Jean Luc Navette (Book)

“Nocturnes” – Jean-Luc Navette
184 Seiten, 25×31 cm, gebunden, illustriert, Hardcover. Schwarzweiß Illustrationen.
Herausgeber : Noire Méduse. Sprache: Französisch. ISBN: 978-2-9539778-5-1

NOCTURNES, das zweite Buch von Jean-Luc Navette im Verlag Noire Méduse, umfasst eine beeindruckende Sammlung seiner Arbeiten. Alle zeugen von seinem unverwechselbaren Stil des sogenannten „dunklen Filter“ (filtre sombre). Die Illustrationen sind in sieben Kapitel aufgeteilt: Fünf davon entstammen ausschließlich der Zusammenarbeit des Künstlers mit der Musik- und Pressewelt, u.a. mit der Zeitung Le Monde und dem Magazin Bad to the Bone, für die Jean-Luc seit Jahren literarische Rubriken und Künstlerportraits illustriert. Die zwei anderen Kapitel, “Œuvres au Noir” (Arbeiten in Schwarz) und “Ombres & Déluge” (Schatten & Sturzflut), beinhalten seine persönlichen Arbeiten, die er seit der Erscheinung seines letzten Buches, Dernier été du vieux monde, vor über vier Jahren angefertigt hat.

Das Buch ist auf der Webseite des Verlages erhältlich:

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“Gerrardian 1: Monochromatic beginnings” – Paul Gerrard (Book preview)











Hellboy (2018), Battle La, Shannara artist Paul Gerrards first ‘ART OF’ book.

Gerrardian. A term first coined by the Director Jonathan Liebesman to explain the process of Gerrard’s work.  The Gerrardian take on a subject matter, to take a design to its darkest point.

My name is Paul Gerrard, I am the artist behind such Demons and Antagonists as Dadga Mor and The Mord Wraith from The Shannara Chronicles, Shredder from TMNT , the alien species from Battle La. These designs when first created are about mood, tone, they are crafted to evoke a deep emotional response. I take the stance that it is my responsibility to visualize the extreme versions of any said creation, the wild cards of imaginative design. Do that first and rest falls into place. 

I hope this book will give you an insight into those wild cards, and that these creations will take you on a journey. Welcome to the beginnings.



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“Der Aufstand kommt so oder so” – Clemens Schittko

“Der Aufstand kommt so oder so” – Clemens Schittko

Band XV der Verstreuten Gedichte ist da: »der Aufstand kommt so oder so« von Clemens Schittko. Direkt, respektlos und ohne Vorwarnung durch- und überschreitet Clemens Schittko sämtliche Komfortzonen, um dem Leser unbequem auf den Füßen rumzustehen und ihm zu nahe zu treten. Unermüdlich legt er den mit Salz bedeckten Finger wieder und wieder und wieder und wieder in die weit offenen gesellschaftlichen Wunden.

Kaufen: gONZoverlag

»sag, was du zu sagen hast
sag, wer du bist
und sag vor allem, was du wirklich willst
wovon bist du abhängig?
wer bezahlt dich?
wie hoch ist dein Preis?
ab welcher Summe begehst
auch du Verrat?
und dann sag Klasse, Bewusstsein
und Utopie
sag immer wieder: soziale Frage
und neuer Mensch
wir brauchen ein zweites Achtundsechzig
wir brauchen Aufstände und Umstürze
und Anarchie«

“The God Beneath the Scars” – Matt Lombard

Matt Lombard – The God Beneath the Scars
hardcover/softcover, 8×10 in, 21×26 cm, 80 Pages, english

“The God Beneath the Scars” is a collection of surreal macabre images from artist Matt Lombard. Intro by artist Nihil. The Other Heaven essay by Kevin Pinkerton. This book is focused on work created over the past 10 years including images from his dementia series. Over the past 20 years, Matt Lombard’s work has been featured on album covers, books, and shown in galleries worldwide.

Purchase: Blurb
Contact: Matt

Matt Lombardd appears in INSIDE artzine #17 (with other stuff). Buy online

“Necessary Monsters” Richard A. Kirk

Richard Kirk – Necessary Monsters A novel
282 pages, English, 5.5 x 0.7 x 8.4 inches

Lumsden Moss is an escaped thief and an unrepentant bibliophile with a long-suffering desire to foist some karmic retribution on those who have wronged him. But when the opportunity to steal a rare book from the man who sentenced him to prison puts him on the wrong side of the wrong people, Moss finds himself on the run. And it’s not just the book he stole that these people want, it’s also the secrets of a long-forgotten location on Nightjar Island, a place cursed and abandoned since the Purge.
“A dark, strangely beautiful world…”
Mike Mignola, award-winning creator of Hellboy

Purchse: Amazon
Richard A. Kirk appears in INSIDE artzine #18 Buy online