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Hércules Santos Trigo / Graphic artist (BRA) - unpublished submission

So much great art out there in the mental maelstroms of dark creativity.

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Hércules Santos Trigo

– Concept Artist and Visual Development (Brasil)
Contact: contactme@hstrigo.com
Website: www.hstrigo.com

“…everything is in our mind, we just look for places to enhance the unknown.”

Q: Who are you?

Well, my name is Hércules Santos Trigo, I’m Brazilian and I’m trained in fine arts and graphic design.

Q: Darkness is not only the absence of light. What more is lurking in the shadows (of mind)?!

We can find everything we want there. Because everything is in our mind, we just look for places to enhance the unknown.

Q: What is the most important taboo in art?

For me there is no taboo for the art world, at least there shouldn’t be. The way each artist expresses himself is unique and necessary. There are those who express themselves through classical painting, sculpture, engraving, some are very expressive, others not so much, some with more color, others with less.

Q: Why is the beauty in ugliness so fatal?

In general, the beautiful is placed in art as a form of perfection, a way of subjugating everything that is considered ugly. However, such perfection and beauty loses its position when we have new perspectives in the art world. In this sense, new conceptions are acquired giving us different options and access. All this generates representation. Therefore, this question about beauty in art is very subjective, because what is beautiful for some may not be beautiful for others.

Q: What question would you ask the most evil person on this planet?

I never thought about it…. but I think I would ask: Do you have a cigarette? ha ha…

Q: The world seems to become more and more a violent, unkind place. Greed and egoism seems to be the only impulse of any change. Did mankind still have the chance to build a peaceful, sustainable world for every living and feeling being or would it be better if somebody dispose everything in the sewer of the evolutionary failure?

Well, we are driven by desires and many end up generating greed, envy, neglect and a hundred adjectives that disqualify human beings. I think that we are very attached to the matter and that makes it difficult to have a true look at the other, in the human sense. I personally believe in the human race. I believe that one day we will be able to overcome many of these vices that torment us and that our evolution will not only be technological, but human.